L. Salari-Sharif, B. Haghpanah, A. Guell Izard, M. Tootkaboni, L. Valdevit
Physical Review Applied 11 (2019) 024062
Publication year: 2019


We propose an approach for real-time manipulation of low-frequency phononic band gaps in a metamaterial without affecting the material geometry, microarchitecture, or the crystal structure of the base material. Metamaterials with tunable band gaps are realized by introducing periodically arranged negative-stiffness inclusions, the modulus of which can be varied in time in order to modify the metamaterial macroscopic stiffness in certain directions without bringing the material to the point of elastic instability or inducing extreme geometric change. The evolution of band gaps is investigated numerically, and the proposed concept is verified experimentally in a lattice prototype with magnetic elements functioning as negative-stiffness units. Design guidelines for achieving a real-time tunable phononic band gap are also presented.