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Contact Me

E-mail is by far the best way to reach me.

  •    444 Engineering Tower, Irvine, CA 92697
  •    949-824-4938
  •    valdevit@uci.edu

Directions to the UCI Henry Samueli School of Engineering:


Directions from North of UCI

  • Proceed South on 405 or 55 to 73 South
  • Exit off 73S onto Bison Avenue (Last Exit before Toll, so no need to pay toll)
  • Left turn on Bison brings you onto the UCI campus
  • Right at Peltason Drive
  • Proceed through first stop sign (Los Trancos Street intersection), find the Engineering Gateway building (#321 on Campus map) on your left. The Engineering Tower Bldg., #303 on Campus map, is a 5 min walk from Engineering Gateway.
  • For parking please proceed on Peltason Drive until the intersection of Anteater and E Peltason. The parking structure is on your left.


Alternate Directions from North of UCI (405S)

  • Take 405 south to Culver Dr exit and turn right
  • Go south to Campus Dr. Turn right on Campus Drive
  • Turn left at East Peltason (on the other side, it is called Berkeley)

(At East Peltason the UCI campus begins)

  • Pass the signaled intersection of Pereira & East Peltason
  • Continue straight ahead (road inclines uphill and bears slightly to the right). Pass through a light at Anteater Way.
  • Turn right on Anteater Dr. (parking structure is on your right). The Engineering Gateway Bldg., #321 on Campus map will be in walking distance down E Peltason (2 min).  Engineering Tower Bldg., is #303 on the Campus map and is a 5 min walk further.


Directions from South of UCI (405N)

  • Take 405 north to Culver Dr exit and turn left
  • Go south to Campus Dr. Turn right on Campus Drive
  • Turn left on E. Peltason (on the other side it is called Berkeley)
  • Pass the signaled intersection of Pereira & East Peltason
  • Continue straight ahead (road inclines uphill and bears slightly to the right). Pass through a light at Anteater Way.
  • Turn right into parking structure at the intersection of E Peltason and Anteater Dr.
  • The Engineering Gateway Bldg., #321 on Campus map, will be a 2 min walk down E Peltason
  • The Engineering Tower Bldg., #303 on Campus map, is a 5 min walk from Engineering Gateway.


Alternate Directions from South of UCI (73N toll road)

  • Take 73 toll road north
  • Exit Bison Avenue
  • Right on Bison
  • Right at East Peltason
  • Proceed through first stop sign (Los Trancos Street intersection), pass the Engineering Gateway building on your left and a pedestrian stoplight and make left at the intersection of E Peltason and Anteater Dr. to turn into the parking lot.
  • Walk back towards Engineering Gateway (2 min walk from parking structure)
  • Engineering Tower is a 5 min walk from Engineering Gateway.


Campus maps can be found on http://www.uci.edu/campusmap/