K. J. Maloney, C. S. Roper, A. J. Jacobsen, L. Valdevit, W. B. Carter, T. A. Schaedler
APL Materials, 1 (2013) 022106
Publication year: 2013


Ordered periodic microlattices with densities from 0.5 mg/cm3 to 500 mg/cm3 are fabricated by depositing various thin film materials (Au, Cu, Ni, SiO2, poly(C8H4F4)) onto sacrificial polymer lattice templates. Young’s modulus and strength are measured in compression and the density scaling is determined. At low relative densities, recov- ery from compressive strains of 50% and higher is observed, independent of lattice material. An analytical model is shown to accurately predict the transition between recoverable “pseudo-superelastic” and irrecoverable plastic deformation for all con- stituent materials. These materials are of interest for energy storage applications, de- ployable structures, and for acoustic, shock, and vibration damping.