A. Guell Izard, E. P. Garcia, M. Dixon, E. O. Potma, T. Baldacchini, L. Valdevit
AIP Advances, 10, 045217
Publication year: 2020


We have quantified the adhesion forces between two-photon polymerization direct laser writing (TPP-DLW) microstructures and glass surfaces with and without an adhesion promoter. Glass surfaces treated with an acryloxy-silane agent produce adhesion forces that are almost three times larger than the forces observed with pristine glass surfaces. Determination of the substrates’ surface free energies suggests that the observed adhesion enhancement is chemical in its nature, implying that covalent bonds are formed between the polymer and the glass by means of the silane agent. The importance of this finding is demonstrated in the successful production of glassy carbon microstructures using TPP-DLW, followed by pyrolysis.