S.W. Godfrey, L. Valdevit
2012 AIAA Structural Dynamics and Materials Conference, Honolulu, HI, Apr 2012. AIAA Paper # 2012-2003
Publication year: 2012


Recent advances in multi-scale manufacturing enable fabrication of hollow-truss based lattices with dimensional control spanning seven orders of magnitude in length scale (from ~50nm to ~10cm), offering tremendous potential for multifunctionality. Topology optimization is essential to realize the full potential of these micro-architected materials. This paper presents a novel optimal design and modeling platform, consisting of four interconnected tools: (i) a geometric modeling algorithm; (ii) a meshing algorithm; (iii) an optimal design code; and (iv) a communication interface with a commercial Finite Elements program (Abaqus). The powerfulness of the proposed platform is demonstrated for the optimization of specific stiffness in pyramidal hollow micro-lattices.